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What will in-home
Recreation Therapy look like?


We will begin by completing a comprehensive assessment about you or your loved one. This assessment will determine the client's past, present and future recreational and leisure interests. A comprehensive care plan will then be developed to address their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional needs. This will include individualized goals with expected outcomes. 


Evidenced based leisure programs will be built around achieving the client's goals. The focus will be on rebuilding lost leisure skills, identifying new interests, learning new skills, or finding alternative ways to perform tasks.

A typical session will include a combination of:

  • physical activity (adapted exercise, walking program, active game)

  • cognitive activity (intellectual games, trivia, puzzles, technology)

  • social activity (companionship, arts & crafts, community outing)

  • emotional activity (reminiscing, writing, mindfulness, music)

Each care plan is individualized to meet a client's specific needs, so together we will determine how often the services of your Recreation Therapist will be required.

An email summary will be provided within 48 hours after each session noting progress and recommendations.​

Recreation Therapy sessions can take place at any location; your home, retirement/long term care facilityhospital and in the community.

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To book a free in-person consultation or if you have questions about Leisure for Health and how it can benefit you or a loved one,  please contact me.

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